James Taylor Quartet - People Get Ready (CD)

James Taylor Quartet - People Get Ready (CD)
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Excellent new album by the James Taylor Quartet, one of the best outfits of the British jazz-funk scene, recorded at London's Abbey Road Studios. The 11 new tracks combine melodic funk with brilliant orchestral sound, great songwriting and the first-class vocals of the two UK soul sensations Noel McKoy and Natalie Williams. From the sound point of view already one of the best albums of the new year.

  1. A giant leap
  2. Who's gonna break the news? ft. natalie williams
  3. People get ready (we're moving on)
  4. Get out and walk
  5. Boogie on through the night
  6. Street hustle interlude
  7. Smokin' the future feat. noel mckoy
  8. Living on the front line feat. natalie williams
  9. Newsflash
  10. Baby come back feat. noel mckoy
  11. Tomorrow's sun


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