Uriah Heep - Salisbury (LP)

Uriah Heep - Salisbury (LP)
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Not even 1 year after their debut, Uriah Heep followed up with "Salisbury" in 1971. Album number 2 tends in a much more progressive direction and includes the classic "Lady in Black". Now the album is finally available as a new vinyl edition. This one weights 180 g, the cover is in a gatefold sleeve

While vocalist David Byron and guitarist Mick Box are responsible for the songwriting on the debut, almost half of the songs are written by "Salisbury" by keyboarder / guitarist Ken Hensley, who later becomes the main songwriter of the band. Besides "Lady in Black", which was re-released years later is celebrating great success, the title track on "Salisbury" stands out above all. For the 16-minute epic, a 24-piece orchestra was used, among other things.

Side 1

  1. Bird Of Prey    
  2. The Park    
  3. Time To Live    
  4. Lady In Black

Side 2   

  1. High Priestess 
  2. Salisbury 


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