Eloy - The Classic Years Trilogy (Limited 3LP+3CD Box Set)

Eloy - The Classic Years Trilogy (Limited 3LP+3CD Box Set)
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The Prog Rock formation ELOY, founded in 1969, will be 50 years old this year! On the occasion of the anniversary, a limited and numbered box set of the three cult albums will be released: "Dawn", "Ocean" and "Silent Cries And Mighty Echoes", which were published in the years from 1976 to 1979 on the legendary Harvest label as a trilogy. Under the title "The Classic Years Trilogy", the three albums appear as three 180-gram vinyl records with accompanying CDs in a lavishly designed slipcase. All recordings from original tapes were reworked sound technically under the direction of the Remaster expert Eroc. The artwork consists of the cover covers of "Ocean" and "Silent Cries And Mighty Echoes" - which were taken over or adapted from the outside and redesigned inside. The previously simple plug-in cover of "Dawn" has been extended to the folding cover, the texts of the previous inner cover are now shown in the inner cover on a new photo basis. Another gatefold cover contains not only the 3 CDs but also statements from the original musicians to each album. "50 Years Of Eloy" - Enjoy !!

LP 1
1. Awakening
2. Between The Times
3. The Sun-Song
4. The Dance In Doubt And Fear
5. Lost!? (Introduction)
6. Lost?? (The Decision)
7. The Midnight-Fight / The Victory Of Mental Force
8. Gliding Into Light And Knowledge
9. Le Réveil Du Soleil / The Dawn

LP 2
1. Poseidon's Creation
2. Incarnation Of Logos
3. Decay Of Logos
4. Atlantis' Agony At June 5th, 8498, 13 p.m. Gregorian Earthtime

LP 3
1. Astral Entrance
2. Master Of Sensation
3. The Apocalypse
4. Pilot To Paradise
5. De Labore Solis
6. Mighty Echoes

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