Within Temptation - Resist (2LP)

Within Temptation - Resist (2LP)
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Following up from the release of Hydra in 2014, the new musical era of Within Temptation has never been stronger, as newest record Resist brings a futuristic take on metal to the table – both instrumentally and thematically. The message of Within Temptation's seventh studio album is clear: Resist. This wake-up call soars through the album track list as a sharpened knife. Resist is armed with 10 anthemic tracks, driven by grand melodies and dark hooks. It is an utterly distinctive metal record that takes inspiration from our modern and future society – both musically and personally – and casts it into mind blowing arrangements and dark melodies. And the most important message of it all?! "Wake up and protect your freedom!"

  1. The Reckoning
  2. Endless War
  3. Raise Your Banner
  4. Supernova
  5. Holy Ground
  6. In Vain
  7. Firelight
  8. Mad World
  9. Mercy Mirror
  10. Trophy Hunter


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