10cc - 10cc (LP)

10cc - 10cc (LP)
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In 1972 few groups could have had their single nominated as Tony Blackburn’s hit-pick while simultaneously being championed by underground DJ John Peel, Manchester pop quartet 10CC did just that. 10CC’s music has always been able to be taken on a number of levels, and even though this was the glam era they felt a greater affinity with Americans Steely Dan. Their clever lyrics certainly put them in the Becker-Fagen bracket. The highlights of this long-player are still very much present and correct, so enjoy a return to those glorious vinyl days…

  • red vinyl - gatefold


1. Johnny, Don't Do It
2. Sand In My Face
3. Donna
4. The Dean And I
5. Headline Hustler


1. Speed Kills
2. Rubber Bullets
3. The Hospital Song
4. Ships Don't Disappear (Do They?)
5. Fresh Air For My Mama

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