Scorpions - Blackout (LP+CD)

Scorpions - Blackout (LP+CD)
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Released 1982, Blackout finally elevated the Scorpions into the top ranks of the hard rock world. While the album made it to No. 10 in the Billboard charts, the first single "No One Like You" did even better and went straight to No. 1. On Blackout, the Scorpions strike a near perfect balance between raw and dynamic hard rock and their very own brand of beautiful power ballads.

  1. Blackout 03:49
  2. Can`t Live Without You 03:47
  3. No One Like You 03:57
  4. You Give Me All I Need 03:39
  5. Now! 02:35
  6. Dynamite 04:12
  7. Arizona 03:56
  8. China White 06:59
  9. When the Smoke is Going Down 03:51
  10. Blackout - Unreleased Demo Version (Bonus Track) 02:24
  11. Running for the Plane - Unreleased Demo (Bonus Track) 04:07
  12. Sugar Man - Unreleased Demo (Bonus Track) 04:23
  13. Searching for the Rainbow - Unreleased Demo (Bonus) 03:52


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