Motorhead - Stage Fright (Blu-ray)

Motorhead - Stage Fright (Blu-ray)
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Stage Fright was recorded on 7 December 2004 at a concert in the Düsseldorf Phillipshalle. The set includes 20 songs from the entire Motörhead-history, including ´Overkill`, ´Ace Of Spades` and ´Iron Fist`. Stage Fright presents the concert from Düsseldorf, shot with 23 high definition-cameras. Led by director Sven Offen (Papa Roach, Heather Nova, Grönemeyer, Toten Hosen, etc.). For the special light design of the show Motörhead could get Gert Hof, whose work is world famous among others for Rammstein.


  1. 1.Dr. Rock
  2. 2.Stay Clean
  3. 3.Shoot You In The Back
  4. 4.Love Me Like A Reptile
  5. 5.Killers
  6. 6.Metropolis
  7. 7.Over The Top
  8. 8.No Class
  9. 9.I Got Mine
  10. 10.Tragedy
  11. 11.Dancing On Your Grave
  12. 12.Ramones
  13. 13.Sacrifice
  14. 14.Power
  15. 15.Brazil
  16. 16.Killed By Death
  17. 17.Iron Fist
  18. 18.Whore House Blues
  19. 19.Ace Of Spades
  20. 20.Overkill
  21. 21.Credits


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