Miles Davis - The Complete Birth Of The Cool (CD)

Miles Davis - The Complete Birth Of The Cool (CD)
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Blue Note/UMe release a The Complete Birth of the Cool, documenting the huge creative and cultural importance of the Miles Davis Nonet. The collection marks the 70th anniversary of the initial sessions for the Birth of the Cool album, released in 1957 as a collection of recordings from 1949 and 1950. The sessions, in a nondescript basement room behind a Chinese laundry in midtown Manhattan, saw a group of kindred spirits and jazz modernists come together to form a groundbreaking collective. They included the jazz-headliners-to-be Gerry Mulligan, Lee Konitz, Max Roach, John Lewis, arranger Gil Evans and, of course trumpeter Miles Davis, then 22, who became the bandleader, helming a creative project for the first time.

  1. Move
  2. Jeru
  3. Moon Dreams
  4. Venus De Milo
  5. Budo (Hallucinations)
  6. Deception
  7. Godchild
  8. Boplicity
  9. Rocker
  10. Israel
  11. Rouge
  12. Darn That Dream

The Live Sessions:

  1. Birth of the Cool Theme
  2. Symphony Sid Announces the Band
  3. Move
  4. Why Do I Love You
  5. Godchild
  6. Symphony Sid Introduction
  7. S'il Vous Plait
  8. Moon Dreams
  9. Budo (Hallucination)
  10. Darn That Dream
  11. Move
  12. Moon Dreams
  13. Budo (Hallucinations)

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