Rival Sons - Pressure And Time (LP)

Rival Sons - Pressure And Time (LP)
Rival Sons - Pressure And Time (LP)
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Raucous blues-infused Rock from California that is sure to brighten even the dreariest day and transport you back to the easier, more relaxed times amid the heady mix of sunshine, beer and smoke! Rival Sons have been heralded as a modern day mix of the Small Faces, The Who, Led Zeppelin and the Kinks and in Jay Buchanan have a vocalist who will undoubtedly attact attention and acclaim from all quarters. For the majority of Earache fans more familiar reference points are the likes of Firebird, Spiritual Beggars and Witchcraft, but with a more contemporary edge.

Side A:
1. All Over The Road
2. Young Love
3. Pressure And Time
4. Only One
5. Get Mine

Side B:
1. Burn Down Los Angeles
2. Save Me
3. Gypsy Heart
4. White Noise
5. Face Of Light

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