Def Leppard - The Story So Far: The Best Of (2CD)

Def Leppard - The Story So Far: The Best Of (2CD)
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The Story So Far compiles Def Leppard's greatest hits and songs from their illustrious career. Having sold over 65 million albums worldwide since their debut release in 1980 and proved themselves one of rock music's hardest working and consistently powerful live bands (playing to over 50 million fans in the last 15 years alone).

Disc 1

1. “Animal”
2. “Photograph”
3. “Pour Some Sugar On Me”
4. “Love Bites”
5. “Let’s Get Rocked”
6. “Armaggedon It”
7. “Foolin’”
8. “Two Steps Behind”
9. “Heaven Is”
10. “Rocket”
11. “Hysteria”
12. “Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad”
13. “Make Love Like A Man”
14. “Action”
15. “When Love & Hate Collide”
16. “Rock of Ages”
17. “Personal Jesus”

Disc 2

1. “Let’s Go”
2. “Promises”
3. “Slang”
4. “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak”
5. “Rock On (Radio Remix)”
6. “Nine Lives” (feat. Tim McGraw)
7. “Work It Out”
8. “Stand Up”
9. “Dangerous”
10. “Now”
11. “Undefeated”
12. “Tonight”
13. “C’Mon C’Mon”
14. “Man Enough”
15. “No Matter What”
16. “All I Want Is Everything”
17. “It’s All About Believing”
18. “Kings Of The World”

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